Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Beginners

wordpress plugins

What are the best WordPress plugins you should install immediately after you’ve just bought your website?

There are countless number of plugins out there and a lot of them are great, that’s why this question may puzzle some a lot.

But when you are a beginner you aren’t looking for advanced options and cool features, you’re looking for simplicity and easily optimizable plugins.

You may not have much time to install and test different plugins, that’s why I wanted to share everything you need to take care of in the beginning.

Some of these contain a bunch of features but are really easy to use. Plus some of them offer coaching videos to help you get started.

Let’s start our countdown:

1. Jetpack

Jetpack is all-in-one plugin that offers a lot of features and tools.

It’s really easy to use but it requires a setup. Check out this post on how to integrate Jetpack step by step.

What’s Jetpack all about?

Jetpack offers a vast variety of features that will help you drive more traffic, improve your visitor’s experience and speed up your website. 

Although it is premium plugin, most of the features come with free version.

wordpress plugins

You can add share buttons and related posts to increase traffic and their experience while reading your posts, you can connect your posts with your social media accounts and help your visitors connect as well and way more.

All of this is necessary to set up right in the beginning, before you start driving traffic.

Jetpack also helps you build trust by setting up portfolios and testimonials.

It also helps your security by blocking malicious attacks.

wordpress plugins

-All in one

-Very easy to use

-Boosts security

-Increases traffic and their experience


-Can’t think of any

2. Elementor

Elementor is a plugin that helps you edit pages with ease and when say ‘ease’, I mean ‘super easy’.

I use Elementor for every single page or post on my website and helps me complete them in about 10-15 minutes each. Of course, it depends on specific page or post.

It’s a drag-and-drop builder that’s pretty self-explainatory.

Here’s how it looks like:

wordpress plugins

All pro’s and zero con’s. Let’s move on!

3. Yoast SEO

After you are done editing pages, you need to get them optimized for search engine. In the other words, it’s time for SEO. I talk about Yoast a lot in my post on SEO tips and tricks (very beginner friendly).
But shortly, Yoast is a free plugin that helps you with everything when it comes to SEO. It may look confusing but after you watch a few of the coaching they give you, you will get going in no time.
wordpress plugins

The only con i can possible think of is that it looks confusing in the beginning, especially for beginners who have very little to no knowledge about SEO.

Other than that, it’s really useful.

4. WP File Manager

If you make money online, you will have to upload some files to your website eventually. Whether those are lead magnets or something else, it does not matter, WP File Manager is the ‘to do’.
There are a lot of ways to upload files to your WordPress site but using this plugin is the easiest way.
The thing you need to know is that you shoudln’t upload huge files. Those will eat up your hosting space. Save large files for clouds (when I say large, I mean 500MB – 1GB or more).
You also need to know where to upload each file. Usually you want files to end up in Media>Library and if so, go to wp-content. 

Go to uploads.

wordpress plugins

Upload your file there. You can create a folder or not, it doesn’t matter. 

Then install the Add From Server plugin, locate your file, select it and click import. Your file is now in Library.

Again, no cons here either.

5. WP Forms

You will need contact forms if you want a successful business. It helps you look trustworthy.
WP Forms is incredibly easy to use and you can create contact forms in seconds. 
Look at my contact form on my Contact page, I just click two times and that’s it.

Again, can’t think of any con’s. I don’t know why I’ve even started that pro’s-and-con’s thing to be honest.

And there you are!

There are hundreds of great plugins like these but these are my favourite and I use them the most. Websites would be so harder to edit and use without these.

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