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Okay so you are an affiliate who wants to review a product but can’t or won’t buy them for whatever reason.

You may be just starting out and wondering:

‘Man, I can’t buy all these products right now, how do I review them? Is it possible to do it without buying?’ 


‘I want to promote those high-end products to earn bigger commissions but I can’t afford spending 1000$ on a course right now’.

Whatever it is, I am here to tell you that yes, it is possible!

The things is, it’s quite easy actually.

These are the strategies I implement and use daily and are recommended by many experts.

Let’s just get into it:

How to Review a Product Without Buying it!

First things first, some products do have a set of tools for affiliates who are looking to promote their products. If you go to website called muncheye, you can find all the big products that are getting ready to be published.
I talk about this website and those tools in my video on how to find profitable products. Watch it, it’s interesting:

Some products may even have reviews already written for you, waiting to be published. They also have video demos which are of vital importance in product reviews. Of course, you want to change a few things in those reviews, not just copy and paste them.

But let’s say that a specific product doesn’t have those tools waiting, what do you do then?

Here are a few tips to consider:

1. Look at other people’s reviews

No, this is not copying but just plain old research. There people that have already bought that product and if the it’s just launched or not so known, your review is going to be seen.
This is very simple method but make sure not to copy other people’s articles, it may get you in trouble.

2. Use a free trial

Use a 7-day or 14-day free trial in order to quickly get to know your product.
When you’re done, just cancel your trial. That’s pretty much it. 
There is one more benefit to this as well. You trial may be lasting a month or more and it may happen that you earn enough money in the meantime so you can pay it off when the trial ends, if you like it of course. 

3. Reach out to seller

If you are a little bit more known in the affiliate marketing world, this may work for you.

Ask them to give you access to the product for free in order for you to review them.

You see, sellers love affiliates.

They bring them massive traffic.

It would make sense for them to give a product to an affiliate for free in order for them to review and drive traffic to them, therefore making them more money.

But if you are a beginner and have no sales, this probably won’t happen.


You want your audience to have the best possible look on what your are promoting if you want to make any sales.
Use demos from sale’s pages (if given), info from other people’s review or even use a trial.
Here are few of my examples were I review a product I don’t own.

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That’s it. Make sure to share this post if helpful!

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