How to Purchase a Website And Start Using it

how to purchase a website

Starting a business can be tough. It can get even tougher when you don’t have an idea how to start.

Of course, if you want to develop a serious business, you’ll need a website. 

How do you get one? That’s what will you find out below. There are also a few tips I’ve shared so that you don’t get lost after buying your site.

How to purchase a website

Step.1 Get hosting service
When buying website, you care about two things only, hosting and domain.
Take care of hosting first. 
What’s hosting?
It’s basically where your server is located.
In the other words, buying hosting means paying some company to host your website.
Which company is the best?
Personal recommendation is to use They offer great package for an even greater price (Use Advanced, 9 bucks per month, perfect beginner package).
You’ll then be given access to Control Panel which I will get to in just a minute.
how to purchase a website
Step 2. Get a domain

What’s a domain? It’s basically your website’s name, your URL, something people type in the search bar when they want to land on your site.

Mine is, what should your’s be?

You should use a domain that represents your brand. Some experts may even recommend you to start with your name like would be for me.

Personally, I didn’t feel comfortable beginning with my own name when I was starting out. I wanted to start a brand right away.

Make sure to not make this mistake. You may want to write this down!

Don’t buy domains like makemoneyfast or earnmoneyeasily. They look suspicious and will drive many people off your site.

Last tip, use dot com (.com) domains. They look the most professional and create trust easily.

After you’ve chosen your domain, go to and click generate.

After that, if .com domain is available, good. If not, you may want to change it up a little. But don’t purchase directly from namemesh.

Where to buy it then?

The place you can buy domains for the lowest price is

how to purchase a website

Sign up for domain reseller (using your Control Panel) and go to Products>Domain Registration>Check Availability and enter your domain. Select dot com (.com), click Add and place your order at the bottom of the page.

You will then have an option to manage your order.

You will then need to enter your server names which have been given to you by your hosting company.

Go to Name Servers

how to purchase a website

Just enter what you’ve been given. If it’s already there, good, let’s move on.

We are almost done.

Go to your Control Panel.

how to purchase a website

In search box, type create a new account and select an option of the same name.

how to purchase a website

Enter your information. Make sure to use a different username than your domain, security wise.

That’s it!

Now, your site may not show right away. It may take a few minutes, hour or even a day so don’t panic, it’s completely normal if it doesn’t show right away.

How to access your site? 

Simple, just enter your domain and type /cpanel after it ( and enter your details. You may be intercepted with a security check, don’t worry. Just go to Advanced>Proceed.

That’s all for today. You may wonder how to install WordPress. It’s pretty easy. Go to cPanel and search for it. Then click Install and choose your information (make sure to leave ‘In Directory’ box empty). It may take some time to install. You access your WordPress dashboard by

This is the topic for itself, there are a lot of details to pay attention to. I will publish articles on WordPress in the future, stay tuned!

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