How to Earn Money Quickly to Further Invest in Your Business

how to earn money quickly

Online business require money to be started. That’s a fact.

Of course, you can start at zero but if you start at zero and invest zero, you’ll earn a zero (or something but after a long time)!

The amount of money you need depends on each business f.e. affiliate marketing requires a few hundred bucks, dropshipping more, amazon FBA even more et cetera.

So everybody needs money but chances are you don’t have much/any to invest. Here are a few methods you can use to earn money in relatively short time (I am not going to include saving up, that’s obvious and a bit boring).

1. Sell stuff 

I think this one is obvious as well but I had to include it. The reason is that most of the people don’t know how much they can actually earn if they just dig a little deeper in their house’s junk. You can probably find a few hundred laying around and collecting dust in your house.
Best website to sell your stuff is Ebay. Used items do very good there.

2. Filling Surveys

This is the last boring method, I promise. But in case you didn’t know, filling survey can earn you extra 20 to 30 dollars a month. Fill out surveys on more than one site and it adds up. There are websites that offer you a bonus just for signing up (Swagbucks offers you 5$ dollars, Inbox Dollars as well).
how to earn money quickly

3. Matched Betting

Matched betting is a risk-free way to bet on 2 outcomes of the same game to earn a profit. 

How it works?

Shortly, you bet 2 outcomes of a game expecting to lose a little. Then you use ‘free bet’ bookmakers (betting websites) offer you when you bet a certain amount of money. You use that money to bet again for a profit.

That amount of money you can earn is around 600-700 dollars per month.

Confused? Of course you are, it’s a lot complicated when you know nothing about betting and terms like ‘lay bet’ or ‘free bet’. But here is a tutorial that’s a little bit more detailed. Click here.

4. Testing websites

This a fun way to earn about 20-30 dollars per hour. What do you do?

You perform a set of tasks you’ve been given. Those tasks are about testing some websites. You explore, click, link or whatever and earn money doing something you are doing most of the day – exploring websites.

The website is called, you sing up, perform an application test. If you get approved, you’ll earn 10 dollars for each test. 

Each test takes about 20 minutes.

You do the math, that’s 30 dollars per hour pretty easily.

5. Freelancing

This method can be used for earning a living, it’s very possible. is the marketplace where you can sell almost any service. You can edit logos, images, you can write. You can even tweet for somebody else!

The other popular freelance marketplaces are Upwork and Freelancer

Basically anything that pops in your mind, you can charge for it. 

Getting sales is kinda tricky though. I have a friend that’s doing this and he said to me that you need to do a bit of marketing first. Great thing is that you can pay somebody to do this for you on, you’ve guessed it, the same freelance marketplace (or other). He told me that he payed someone 30 dollars for advertising his services which is pretty good deal. 

Once you get those first few sales going, it just gets easier and easier.

6. Freelance arbitrage

This is lazy way to earn money using info I’ve provided in method 5. What you do is basically sell a service to someone but you don’t actually do any work. What you do instead is order the exact same service from somebody else who sells it for a lover price. 

You get the job done and keep the profit.

That’s it!

I am sure there are a lot more methods but I’ve shared my favourites.

Make sure to use this money to invest further in your business. If you want to start affiliate marketing and get to the financial freedom, click below.

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