Welcome to the DollarsToPocket or DTP, I am glad you’re here. Ready to hop in the online marketing world?

Great, you are on a good path. And you’re definitely ready for a hot start if you’re here, on DTP.

What if you are already in but struggling?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Hello there, my name is Bogdan (little more about me HERE) and I am ready to be your guide through the online marketing world.

What does DTP provide you with?

It provides you articles with the latest information and tips on online marketing. There are also FREE coaching videos based on setting up an email list, landing page, FB ads, you name it! 

It also provides with FREE blueprints on how to start your marketing business, whether it’s promoting someone else’s or your own products.

You will also see reviews and opinions on the some of the best and most popular courses and tools and updates on when those are discounted!

And it doesn’t even end there! 

You’ve probably guessed by now, I am promoting those products. But if you buy those products through me, you will get some FREE bonuses!

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Think of DTP as an taxi and me as an taxi driver. Instead of taking a two hour long and exhausting walk, you order a taxi and get to your destination within 15 minutes without tiring yourself.

That’s exact metaphor for my website!

Yeah, you still pay for a taxi but you get there faster. 

And also one big thing… The taxi driver knows where he is going and knows the best possible road to get to that specific destination. Often for you, that may not be the case.

That’s the key thing!

Getting it done on your own, well, it’s not impossible but it will take more time… A LOT MORE TIME.

Some people that choose to do it on their own end up spending time and money on some method that they aren’t even sure works and there they are!

Spent 6 months trying and earned one big ZERO. Congratulations!

Okay, seriously. The importance of having a mentor or a coach is unbelievably big and if your ego is bigger and you believe that you don’t need anyone to do this because you’re smart enough, well, you’ll probably fail badly.

I am not saying that you’re stupid, don’t get me wrong. 

What I am saying that as a newbie, it’s so wrong to act like a know-it-all.

You know the other reason you’ll fail? You believe that you can do this easily overnight.

Well, you can’t and people who believe this are usually the ones who end up quitting first.


It’s because they’d probably expected 10 racks in a few weeks and that didn’t happen so they sit, yell, cry and ultimately, quit.

Stop believing in those things.

Embrace the fact that the process is going to be difficult and let me help you!

I want you to meet the best coaches an their best courses and tools.

I want you to not take a walk into the wilderness but to take a ride to a secure destination.

I want to help you take a hot start and clear path with all the knowledge and tools.

I want to HELP you, okay?

Don’t worry if you are already in, there are solutions for you.

But if you want to start over, that’s fine as well.

After you get to that to that destination, my job is done.

It’s on you then.

I’ve given you everything you need and it’s turn on you to go out there and work your ass off!

Consistency is the key in this business.


Will you let me be your taxi driver?

If so, click here and to hop in the vehicle:

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